APC Surge Protector with USB Ports, P11U2, 2880 Joule, 8′ Cord

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Included components: 11-Outlet SurgeArrest Surge Protector with 2 USB Charging Ports, User Manual

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APC Surge Protector with USB Ports, P11U2, 2880 Joule, 8′ Cord, Flat Plug,11 Outlet Power Strip Black

APC Surge Protector

P11U2 APC Surge Protector Arrest

Reliable, safe protection from lightning, surges, and spikes

The P11U2 offers guaranteed surge protection from the most trusted power protection company in the industry, APC by Schneider Electric. Connect and protect up to 11 electronics, and conveniently charge your mobile devices via 2 additional USB ports.


APC Surge Protector



Why use an APC surge protector?

Surge Protection

Best in Class Protection

Power disturbances such as surges, lighting and spikes can happen at any time and cause irreparable damage to your investments. All APC surge products undergo stringent IEEE testing and comply with local agency safety requirements. The P11U2 provides the primary level of surge protection.

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Ideal for Computers and Home/Office Electronics

Provides essential surge protection to your computer and other electronics devices and protects your home and office electronics from surges, spikes, and lightning.

Surge Protector vs. UPS

  1. APC Surge Protector
  2. P11VNT2
  3. P12HU2

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11.89 x 4.7 x 1.57 inches

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November 9, 2015



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10 reviews for APC Surge Protector with USB Ports, P11U2, 2880 Joule, 8′ Cord

  1. JCN1218

    I have a small home studio in the basement of my house. It’s fairly modest, but I’ve put a lot of money into it over the years. Currently I think I have at least $5000 of equipment running. I have a few failsafes, namely cascading power strips, but this surge protector is basically the central hub of power. My computer and hard drives are plugged directly into it. Well, yesterday my basement flooded. Luckily, all of my equipment was safely off the ground, but I hadn’t had a chance to mount this surge protector on the wall yet, so it got almost completely submerged for about 3 hours. I am currently writing this review on my computer that was not harmed in any way, which is being powered by the original surge protector. Granted, i took the back off and scrubbed some corrosion off with a wire brush, but the fact that it still works after the flood is pretty impressive to me. Not to mention the included USB power ports. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their electronics safe.

  2. Hudson

    Excellent built quality.A little bit too heavy for travel.Strongly recommended for the price.

  3. Erik Lopez

    Very good plugs. Was worried for a minute because I saw a video review on this product showing that the plugs weren’t going all the way in, which at first they weren’t, but only thing you need to do is push them all the way in and they fit real snug and tight fit so they won’t come off so I definitely appreciated that.

  4. tachi1

    I purchased this to replace a battery-backup unit in which the battery had worn out. I figured I would divide the load between items I might need to run on battery and items I only want to protect.I don’t use it for the computer itself or for the monitors, but I do use it for the printers and other peripherals. It has a “fail-safe” technology which will sacrifice the unit to save the connected equipment if the electric current exceeds the unit’s capacity to protect (in this case, 2880 joules). To me, this makes perfect sense. I am buying this primarily to protect equipment that would be more expensive to replace than a surge protector. (Other types of surge protectors will only protect to their designated capacity and die without stopping the current before it reaches the equipment).Like with all surge protectors and battery back up units, it may come with 11 outlets, but good luck with being able to use them all. It’s got 6 block-plug outlets (I was able to use 5) and 5 regular outlets (I was able to use 3). It also comes with 2 USB chargers (doesn’t everything?) and a collection of lights that indicate operation, overload, and other potential issues. It can be wall-mounted.My only complaint is that, for my purposes, an 8-foot cord is too long. It is such a thick and stiff cord that it is clumsy to use in the limited space under my desk. Luckily, the plug for it has rotation built in but that doesn’t solve the problem of what to do with the extra almost-inflexible cable length. I didn’t deduct a star for this inconvenience because, to someone else, the length might be an asset.

  5. CalifCats

    First time to write a review lauding a product’s failure. Just today recovering from a power surge that fried several radios and my stereo (not on any surge protection). But my computer was on an APC surge protector and it was fine. However I noticed that the APC surge protector now fails to carry any power…which means it did it’s job well, and now it is telling me that it can’t provide any further protection. My other surge protectors did their job too, but they are still working. If I didn’t know better I would expect that they were still doing what they were intended to do, providing surge protection…but the problem is that they probably are not. Needless to say I purchased several APCs to replace all of the power-strips in my home.

  6. An observer

    First off, people are saying that the outlets aren’t deep enough for normal plugs. If you take a look at the video that a customer made allegedly verifying this, it looks like she’s barely putting any pressure on the plug. I’ve been using APC strips for years and several of their models have very tight outlets at first, you just need to push it in hard enough. As for failed circuitry after a power surge, that’s definitely an issue. I’ve never had a problem with that, knock on wood, and live in an area with a very active storm season. My personal experience is that APC works well, and this one that I purchased seems to be made in the same manner as others I’ve purchased.

  7. nsv

    I’m in an area that gets lots of storms, so several power surges can happen in a single day. Or I can go for months without seeing one. At the moment my most expensive and most used electronics are being charged on this SurgeArrest strip, so if it fails to provide surge protection there will be an angry update to this review. So far, though, there have been no problems.There is one small annoyance: the “convenient 180° rotation” of the power cord rotates from level to straight up back to level again. Since I’ve got this out the back of a shelf next to the bed, it’s above the outlet, but the cord doesn’t rotate down. It comes back into the shelf before curving up, out, and back down to the outlet. As negatives go, they probably don’t get more trivial than this. And 180° is a whole lot better than 0° rotation.I like the sliding covers that protect the unused outlets from dust, not that the dark recesses of my home where wires live ever get dusty. (*cough*) (Sorry, dust.) I also like that four outlets are spaced to allow room for power bricks. The only way that could be better is if all eight were spaced that way, though I’m guessing the internal hardware needed for surge protection wouldn’t allow that configuration. The two USB ports were the first things I used, and more would have been appreciated. These two give 5V, 2.4A *in total*, which means a slow charge for my devices, but since I’m charging them overnight it’s not a problem for me.I didn’t realize how much I needed all these extra outlets, and where I live a surge suppressor is important. If this fails to protect my devices I’ll say so here, but so far, so good.

  8. Jyn

    This surge protector has pretty much everything I want and need. I was debating between this model P8U2 or PH8U2. I like PH8U2’s simplicity, size, and shape. Their specs are quite similar and their price as well. However, I decided P8U2 is a little better.Positives-Thick, sturdy, rotating cord – great flexibility for placement-Angled, flat-end plug-Two USB ports-Sliding covers for unused outlets. Keep dust out or children’s fingers-High lip/ridge around on/off switch to prevent accidental clicks-On/off switch doesn’t light up which would attract some children if it was-Great value for what it offers-Wall mountable-2630 joules, at this moment I don’t need this much joules. Good for my future adjustable bed baseMy bed is positioned more like a daybed against the wall. My new mattress was so high that I could no longer plug in my lamp anymore. I either have to pull out my mattress and cause a gap between my bed and wall in order to plug in the lamp or simply buy this surge protector with a flat-end plug to solve the problem. I obviously went with the latter. Surge protector sits below my bed and I’m able to use my lamp, charge my phone, and no gaps between mattress and wall!I have posted some images. One is a measurement of the flat plug just in case anyone was wondering how thick it is.

  9. Tim N

    This is just a surge protector, I guess, but it’s worth a review because of its elegant design. Two USB chargers and 11 outlets in such a small space! Also, the flat-against-the-wall outlet and 8-foot (2.43-meter) cord make this extremely useful.The attached image shows the cord against the wall. It is fixed at a 5-oclock type of position out of the outlet.

  10. ErikB

    Just a few brief comments: Overall, a nice unit, with socket spacing good for plugging in multiple “wall-wart” style transformers. The USB power plugs are handy and do seem to provide full power for phones and tablets as verified with a 

    DROK USB Tester

    , while not drawing any measurable power themselves when not being used, as verified with a 

    Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

    . My only negative, which I didn’t see mentioned elsewhere in the top reviews, was that the sockets don’t seem to be deep enough. Most of my plugs can not be inserted fully, and stand a couple mm above the surge protector. I really don’t like how this results in exposed, live electrical contacts, even if the space is very small. I hope no one uses this behind a desk or table where they might happen to drop some paper clips or other wires (say electronics hobbyists) in the crack between the desk and the wall.

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