Aolithium 12V 10Ah Lithium Battery, 2000+ Cycles 12 Volt LiFePO4 Battery, F2 Terminals, Maintenance-Free Battery

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[Longer Service Life & Environmentally Friendly] : Our lithium iron phosphate battery provides more than 2000 cycles & a 7 years lifetime compared to 200 – 500 cycles & a 3 years lifetime in typical Lead Acid chemistry. Aolithium LiFePO4 battery is a green battery and it doesn’t contain any heavy metals and rare metals, and are better environmental friendly.

[Superior Quality ] Aolithium 10ah lithium battery have exceptional quality since they were manufactured by Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Cells with higher energy density, more stable performance & greater power. The battery management system with high performance provides short circuit, over charging and over-temperature protection while maintaining a balanced voltage across all cells. Can be connected in series or parallel, Maximum number of series up to 2, Maximum number of parallel up to 4.

[Save Money] Aolithium 12 volt rechargeable battery gives you a 20-40% lower total cost of ownership in 2-4 years’ time. Only $0.2/cycle . Our deep cycle battery not only reduces your charging energy consumption and shortens the charging time, but also saves your time for battery replacement and maintenance.

[What You Get]: Our premium LiFePO4 Battery delivers 200% More Power, 1/2 the Weight, Charges 5X Faster, and Lasts 4X Longer than traditional SLA batteries. Our LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 12V for up to 95% of its capacity usage in run-time compared to only 50% in Lead Acid.

[Widely Used] Our 12V 10Ah LiFePO4 Batteries are a perfect upgrade for any 12V SLA battery, and a great fit for many applications such as Fish Finders, Ice Fishing, kids ride on toy car, Kayak, Boating Electronics, Camping, Robotics, Solar Lighting, Home Alarm Systems, Ham Radio, Cellular remote camera, Power wheels, Gate opener, Solar/Wind power and more…

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Aolithium 12V 10Ah Lithium Battery, 2000+ Cycles 12 Volt LiFePO4 Battery, F2 Terminals, Maintenance-Free Battery for Fish Finders, Ice Fishing, Camping, Power Wheels, Solar Lighting, Home Alarm Systems Automotive

Aolithium 12Volt Lifepo4 battery

Aolithium 12V 10Ah Lithium Battery, 2000+ Cycles 12 Volt LiFePO4 Battery, F2 Terminals, Maintenance-Free Battery

12V 10Ah Lithium Battery

Aolithium is a premier manufacturer and supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Certification – products certified with UL (MH65250,2021-09-22)/ CE (TUV Rheinland,2021-08-10) / Bluetooth BQB Listing (DID:D056501, 2021-08-11) . Quality Control – our factory is approved by the international quality standards ISO 9001:2015.

lithium battery cells

High-quality LiFePO4 Cells


  • Higher energy density
  • High consistency
  • UL1642 Testing Certificate

lithium battery BMS

Professional BMS Board


  • Over charge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Short-Circuit protection

Battery cells testing equipment

Strict Quality Control


  • Perfect ISO quality system
  • Professional quality inspectors
  • Advanced testing equipment

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Aolithium 12V 10Ah Lithium BatterySafety Tips :

– Can be connected in series or parallel, Maximum number of series up to 2, Maximum number of parallel up to 4;

– All lithium batteries must be charged with a lithium charger.

Additional information




Item Weight

‎2.83 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎5.94 x 3.9 x 3.93 inches


‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer Part Number



‎12 Volts (DC)



Date First Available

August 11, 2021

10 reviews for Aolithium 12V 10Ah Lithium Battery, 2000+ Cycles 12 Volt LiFePO4 Battery, F2 Terminals, Maintenance-Free Battery

  1. IMScrat

    This is working well with the inverter to supply power to radio equipment. Charged up without issue. No complaints.

  2. Amazon Customer

    We have had the battery for just under a month and no complaints. We are currently using it for the motor home. Reasonably priced, especially since it comes with the handy Bluetooth feature!!

  3. Northern Lights

    My older 12 volt, lead acid car style batteries that I keep for an emergency power outage are approaching the age of needing replacement.My emergency kit has evolved into an emergency closet inside of the house, and lead acid batteries are not suitable for being stored in a living space anyways.These Lithium, rechargeable batteries are much better suited for emergency use. I store them inside of a plastic storage container, where there is no chance of anything being placed on top of the terminals and shorting them out.During a power outage, it will be quick and easy to grab a 12 volt LED table lamp, and a LiFePO4 battery and clip the alligator clamps (already installed on the lamp cords) to the battery. Old table lamps can be inexpensively purchased at garage sales, and the 12 volt LED bulbs and alligator clips are available on Amazon.I haven’t had to put my lamps into emergency use yet, but I’m guessing I can have a lighted room in well under 2 minutes.These batteries are lightweight, clean, safe, and simple to recharge.If my math is correct, one battery will easily last an entire evening.

  4. Keir A Dykstra

    picked this up to use as a battery power source for a solar powered swing gate and it is perfect for the aplication.

  5. Erik Quattro

    I’ve been using this battery in a small solar setup and it has worked flawlessly so far and the capacity has matched what is advertised.

  6. John P. Jones III

    …has numerous soul-comforting advantages. Like a 10-mile view over undulating hills covered with forest, pristine, sans man-made structures or power lines. Like when Columbus showed up…or more precisely, the Russians and the Conquistadors, since this is California. My daughter has abandoned the once hustle-bustle of Haight-Ashbury for the comfort of the woods and an agricultural life, in the hills west of Ukiah, CA. Off the grid though means hustling for one’s electricity and water. A touch of self-sufficiency.She found the Aolithium LiFe Battery ideal for their electrical storage needs. As the name implies, it is lithium based, at least a bit more eco-friendly than lead. She and her significant other seem to be constantly upgrading their energy (and water) facilities. It is a long way from the proverbial “plug and play” of us city dwellers. The rated 7-year lifespan, and 200-500 cycles is appealing, lengthening the period until the next upgrade. The light weight is also much appreciated.The $60 price is one component of the utility bill, spread, hopefully, over seven years. The battery is good value for the money. 5-stars.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Packaging was good product was high qualityPerformance is amazing for such a small unit.Definitely would purchase again

  8. Dave Evers

    These are very handy lithium batteries that are much lighter than their lead acid counterparts. Useful anywhere you need a little bit of 12v power away from your car. The capacity is not endless, so you have to keep in mind the limitations, but within the proper boundaries this should be a great power option. Very suitable for solar charging. Recommended.

  9. David B.David B.

    Working flawlessly so far and the Bluetooth app is the cat’s pajamas, there are less expensive 100 AH LiFePO4 batteries out there but most don’t have low temperature disconnect and this one is not quite as tall as most out there so it fits under The driver seat of my Mercedes Metris like a glove, will update if anything changes, here’s hoping to many years of trouble free service! Also the Shipping was super fast, ordered on Christmas Day and in front of my door on the 29th, I think 4 days is pretty fast for a holiday weekend.If I could change one thing, I’d have the battery temperature in Fahrenheit versus Celsius, But not a big deal it’s not that hard to convert.

  10. Scott S Forys

    Ordered new 100ah 12v battery. Delivery with UPS was returned to Aolithium (hazardous material), I am not getting any replies to my numerous e-mails and FB messages.Update- customer support reached out to me and has reshipped the battery and apologized for error in shipping instructions sent to UPS. Hopefully no other issues will be encountered.

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