ANRAN Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with 360° View, Solar Outdoor Camera with Smart Siren

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Crisp Image & 360° View: Take a panoramic shooting and make sure no blind spots or zone, and get great video quality. Great IR night vision in darkness as well as Color night vision enabled by 2 powerful spotlights.

Smart Siren Alarm and Spotlights: Unique Smart Siren Alarm feature work with Spotlights is really an awesome design when it detects unexpected visitors at night in darkness and derters them off your place right away.

No Wiring No Hassle: No electrical wiring jobs. It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries of large capacity and gets non-stop power by the solar panel kit included .

Smart PIR Human Detection: Be notified instantly when it detects unexpected visitors, and talk to them by 2.4G WiFi stronger connection than 5G WiFi (not support) outsides crossing walls.

US-Based Support and Cloud: US-Based support and service via phone and email. US-Based cloud service (optional) with encrypted secure data and privacy protection.

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ANRAN Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with 360° View, Solar Outdoor Camera with Smart Siren, Spotlights, Color Night Vision, PIR Human Detection, Pan Tilt Control, 2-Way Talk, IP65, Q1 White Electronics

solar security cameraANRAN Security Camera Wireless Outdoor 360° Solar Outdoor Camera

ANRAN Solar Camera with 360° View

  • 100% No Hassles of Wiring – No electrical wiring jobs. Work great with Anran Solar Panel at non-stop power.
  • An Eco Solar Security Solution – Save up to 50 BKS each buying Anran Q1 instead of others with excessive Pixels 2K feature but missing the Awesome Spotlight and Siren Alarm features at excessive high PRI. You can pay extra 15 or less to get Anran 2K version Q3 to be released soon.
  • A Rare and Remarkable Solar Camera Below 100 – Anran Q1 is a rare remarkable choice of Solar camera with latest and complete features: 360° view Pan Tilt, Crisp video quality 1K/2MP, Cute and Stylish ID Design(Gorgeous Camera Face, Eyes and body), Smart Siren Alarm, Spotlights, Color Night Vision, PIR Human Detection, Two-way Talk, Waterproof.
  • Tips to Know Before Purchase: 1K 2MP and 2K (3MP/4MP) display no difference on small screens, especially phone screens too small and only applicable on big ones more than 50-inch size.
  • Crisp Image Quality – Equipped with a great Super HD image sensor and optical lens, great image and video quality.
  • More Sensitive and Accurate PIR Sensor – Protect the property and send instant and accurate alerts.
  • US-Based Support and Cloud Service – Your privacy and satisfaction are always Anran’s Top Priority.
  • 7-Day Free Cloud Storage Included – No hidden costs, subscription plans are optional and the cloud can be closed manually.


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8.46 x 6.38 x 5.2 inches

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2.16 pounds



Date First Available

October 9, 2021



10 reviews for ANRAN Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with 360° View, Solar Outdoor Camera with Smart Siren

  1. Pogoda

    The specs of this camera speak for themselves. What really stood out to me about Anran is the support I got from Judy. She has gone out of her way to help with the issues I have had with my solar camera and prior Anran cameras I have worked with. She has been responsive and always done her best to be helpful. I feel this is not always the case with support on such items and it is nice to be able to report you are in good hands with Judy, when it comes to issues in her control.-P

  2. Tom

    So, far I am very impressed with its functionality, ease of use, and setup. Easy to install, Great product, very pleased with everything about it. Fantastic night vision

  3. Elliott Ness

    This camera is one of the finest security cameras I have owned. And I have owned many. No wires, easy to install, and easy to connect to the CloudEdge ap. You know those highway cameras that rotate and look down and display a picture of the surrounding community yet can zoom in and give a closeup? Well, this is one of those cameras. I have it mounted to the corner of my house and can see down both sides and also get a great view of the neighborhood. It can also act as a security alarm with a built in strobe and siren. I have the motion sensitivity set to 6 out of 10 and I’m not getting false alarms. Insects are not setting off the alarm either. Yet if someone walks into range or a vehicle pulls into my driveway I get an alert instantly. The only con is battery cameras can not record 24-7. However with this camera you can set it to record alerts from 10-30 seconds. You can also hit the record button and record video at any time. For 24-7 recording I use a cheaper camera and leave the alerts turned off. This way I get alert recordings and 24-7 recording with no false alerts. The solar panel keeps the battery fully charged and overnight is not an issue. The battery is still nearly full in the am. I plan on purchasing more of these cameras so I can eliminate false alerts once and for all and yet keep my property protected.

  4. ¤♤♡◇♧□○°

    This camera is perfect. It is powered by a solar panel and rechargeable batteries. It supports 2.4Ghz wifi. It has a CloudEdge app that helps you find the perfect spot to place the camera for best signal. It has a huge rotation range with being able to rotate 355°horizontally, 120° vertically and a 130° wide angle so it covers every corner of where you put it. I have mine on the top of my house so I can see everything. It has a built in spotlight and siren to deter threats at night. My mail lady once came and it was still dark out and this went off and she freaked out. It was hilarious. And I knew because a notification popped up on my phone telling me the clip to watch for the alarm that was set off. The camera can easily be shared with family or friends. It supports temperatures from -13°F to 140°F

  5. BH

    I’ve been using security camera in my front door for years and purchased this one as an addition in my backyard. After searching on Amazon and note there are two great functions provided by this camera, I decided to replace the old one in front door with this new camera. I love that it’s wireless and two way audio. I used to connect the old camera with long wires on the wall and it looks ugly. I definitely like this solar panel in CA and no wire needed any more. The two way audio function gives me a chance to say thank you to the delivery guy without opening door. I feel good and safe in current pandemic. Love the product so far.

  6. BLAKE

    This is a great little camera. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than some others, but the nearly 360 movement, the mic and speaker, night vision, flashing lights for the alarm, and the cloud based monitoring are really impressive. There is a delay when watching the video on a mobile device, but that is to be expected, and really not much. I can have conversations through the speaker and mic, but it’s like a TV delay. I have started replacing older cameras with these around my house, and can view them all in 1 app.I do wish they would add a feature of having multi-cam views at 1 time. That would be really nice. for now, you just switch between the cameras. You can even set the sensitivity for motion alarms and recording. Overall lots of good options to play with.

  7. TimothyTimothy

    Good luck getting this to operate. With full charge and setting in range of Wi-Fi still will not connect. Plus you try to go the the web site and they don’t support the model i got. So much for simple. Don’t know where some of this reviews are coming from. Beware of buying the this Q01 modal… Update finally have both working great! Had to install wifi boosters repeaters. The night vision is really clear and steady when rotating the camera and the motion detector is really good also to good really!

  8. Mark S.

    I bought one of these to try out and I liked it well enough I purchased 3 more. I really liked the fact these were controllable so I can look over the entire property and the fact they didn’t have to be hard wired in. Ohe thing I like that wasn’t advertised when I purchased mine was the fact you can bring up all 4 cameras and watch them live on one screen. There are a few things that could be better like being able to set longer record times and being able to customize the alert notifications to your phone, plus the bracket to mount the solar panel needs to be just a little bigger with a longer arm to make mounting easier. Right now they seem to be a great camera for the price. Time will tell how well they will hold up and last.

  9. Shawna

    I already have Anran camera’s inside my house, easy to set up and very reliable! This new camera is solar powered, for outdoor use, I am not tech savvy and had it up and running quickly, price is affordable, high quality and Anran camera’s do everything they say they do!!! Would highly recommend it to everyone looking for a VERY reliable camera that comes with so many extras!! Thanks ANRAN!

  10. Tiffini

    I got this camera install Over the weekend. Very easy to install I did it without the help of my husband. So far it works great I had to buy something because we have had to many people with sticky fingers. I would definitely recommend this.

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