Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries, High-Capacity 2,400 mAh Rechargeable Battery, Pre-Charged, Recharge up to 400x

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  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: 8-pack of pre-charged AA rechargeable NiMH batteries (2,400 mAh) for professional or everyday use
  • DEVICE COMPATIBLE: For remote controls, flashlights, toys, wireless devices, game controllers and more
  • LONG LASTING: Can be recharged up to 400 times with minimal power loss; provides consistent discharge performance
  • LOW SELF DISCHARGE: Maintains 50% capacity for 1 years; ideal to power household appliances or to use while traveling
  • EASY TO USE & STORE: Designed for long shelf-life to be used everyday & during emergencies; arrives pre-charged and ready to use

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Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries, High-Capacity 2,400 mAh Rechargeable Battery, Pre-Charged, Recharge up to 400x, Green, High Capacity (2400 mAH)

Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries

Reliable Performance

Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries – Enjoy dependable power with Amazon Basics High-Capacity rechargeable batteries. Available in a multiple types (AA, AAA) and pack sizes for your needs.

Amazon Basics High-capacity rechargeable batteries for everyday and high-drain devices

More Power for Devices

Ideal for professional or everyday use, high-capacity batteries (AA 2400 mAh; AAA 850 mAh) are a great choice for both high- and low-drain devices.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Providing an extremely gradual self-discharge, these long-lasting batteries retain majority capacity for 12 months and 80% capacity for 24 months.


Pre-Charged, Ready to Use

The rechargeable batteries come pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box. They can be recharged hundreds of times with minimal power loss.

Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries
Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries

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4.57 x 2 x 0.57 inches

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8.5 ounces

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September 21, 2013


Amazon Basics

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10 reviews for Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Batteries, High-Capacity 2,400 mAh Rechargeable Battery, Pre-Charged, Recharge up to 400x

  1. Matt & Violet

    I purchased these 1 year apart. The Grey batteries were purchased in July of 2019. They’re made in Japan.The Green batteries I purchased December 2020, they’re made in China.Haven’t been able to use them long enough to know if they live long enough yet, I’ll have to update later. But I just wanted to point out these batteries are different and made in China vs Japan.

  2. The Gongs

    I waited several months to post this review because I use AA batteries heavily and wanted to be able to give an adequate review after some use. I don’t know anything about rebranding, or off-label such-and-such like many of the other reviewers swear by. But I agree with them that these batteries are awesome. These batteries have a great capacity that seem to be on par with most alkaline batteries on the market today. I don’t know about shelf-life because I have only had them a few months. But I just threw one on my charger that I charged only once immediately after receipt and it was still at 95% capacity. It might even be more, because my charger has nothing higher than 95% except 100%. It took about 2 minutes before the charger said 100%. I’ve also been using these in adapters instead of C and D batteries in a couple devices around my house. They are working fine there as well. For example, my alarm for my house takes 4 D batteries. I used 12 of these rechargeable AA batteries in adapters instead. Three months later, my alarm reports 88% battery. Assuming I replace/recharge them at 25%, I imagine that I will have to replace them every 18 months. Not bad. Regular D batteries last about 2 years. So, impressive. Anyway. I hear there are different ones. So just to clarify, I got the ones that look EXACTLY like the ones in the photo. Grey with green positive end.

  3. Yaakov

    Last a month in my Toothbrush. Over 24 hours continuous not stop marathon play in Xbox One X Mode#1914 & 1634 or 37 but when I am Binge playing all day & night I have had some well charged last 30 hours but pretty much always last 24 +/- 1 with Headset or Just Earbuds. You buy the Amazon Basic Charger & 16 Batteries together and I have been using the same four(4) Batteries for one year this week and I still get 24+ hours out of them so that’s about 365 charges and still getting full capacity nearly always so this is clearly the best plan and it came from my teenager who tried the recharge packs but found the AA Basic batteries to charge faster and last a long time. I still have 4 unused AA & 4 of 12 AAA Batteries still unused in box used in some toys & such and been very happy with those too.

  4. Ryott

    I use rechargeable batteries for my son’s toys, since he tends to use them intensively and I was tired of throwing away tons of AA’s. My old rechargeable batteries had become unusable, since they would discharge within a few minutes or lose the charge altogether if the toy was left unused for a few weeks.After buying a 16-pack of these Amazon batteries I am really happy. I have used them for more than a year and noticed that they have a large capacity; also, if we do not use the tou, the still keep the life for really long. No more “out of battery” frustration! Eventually I came back and bought another pack of 16, so my home has not gone full-rechargeable.Note that I found the charger from AmazonBasics not such a great deal, so I purchased  EBL 8 Bay AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery Charger , which works great as well.

  5. pocketrounds

    Here I report the tests between the AmazonBasics AA HighCapacity (ASIN B00HZV9WTM) against the PowerexPro (ASIN B06XDHM839). Both are made in Japan. Basics claims minimum capacity of 2400 mAh and PowerexPro rated at 2550 mAh.I used the LaCrosse charger (ASIN B000RSOV50) to do a charge test. In other words, how much charge does each battery hold. I tested 8 Amazon Basics versus 8 PowerexPro. Both were purchased on Amazon on the same day.The average PowerexPro was 1178 mAh.with 47 point error. Thus, there is 95% chance that mean charge will be between 1066 and 1289. All batteries were below spec as shown in the graph.Surprised at the results, I decided to “refresh” the batteries and carried out the test again. This time the average was 2532 with 213 point error. Three of 8 batteries were well below specs.The average AmazonBasics was 2484 with 17 point error. True mean will be between 2470 and 2498. No battery was <2400. In fact, the average capacity of the battery was 3% higher and that was highly statistically significant. There was no statistical difference in the mean values between PowerExPro and AmazonBasics AA HighCapacity batteries.Compared to AmazonBasics HighCapacity, the cost of PowerexPro at the time of experiment was 26% higher.AmazonBasics has terrific quality control and is better value than comparable PowerexPro. Although PowerexPro can have large capacity, their quality control is a problem. Furthermore, AmazonBasics HighCapacity is better value.

  6. J. Bales

    I just started buying rechargeable AA and AAA batteries because I was tired of buying batteries, to be honest. We have multiple remote controls, toothbrushes, clocks, flashlights, computer peripherals, and loads of kid’s toys. Rechargeables are just so convenient. Instead of buying more batteries, just change them out for a fresh set of rechargeables and charge the removed ones back out. Boom. No more digging around our “battery drawer” hoping for there to be some fresh batteries in there and no more disappointment of being just one battery short of what I need. My plan is to have enough supply for all of my devices and a small stock of spares rotating in and out of devices.I’ve bought these twice, granted I’ve only had them for less than a month. They do have some charge upon arrival, but they don’t seem to be fully charged, perhaps due to the time between their initial charging and when they arrive. Still, they don’t take long to get to 100%. All of the batteries I have received so far work fine.

  7. Freddy The Frog

    Normally, I purchase the high end Eneloop Professional Grade AA rechargeable batteries.When I came back to amazon to buy more, I took a moment to shop around and see what may be new here. Well, I noticed the specs on the Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeables looked like they have very similar specs to the Eneloop batteries which are quite a bit more expensive. I charge these with the eneloop chargers by Panasonic and they are performing exactly like the high end eneloops do. We’ll se if they last as long.As a professional photographer, I deep cycle my batteries often and can’t afford a failure. I needed something dependable for those long days with speedlights and these are holding up just fine.Another part of that will be how well the exterior of the batteries hold up, lots of handling and installation/removal cycles are in their future. If they hold up, I’ll gradually be retiring old batteries and replacing them with these.Nice Work Amazon.. so far, so good.

  8. Marlon Gentry

    I consider my self a novice photographer. I shoot with a D5100 (Nikon) attached to a SB-900 Flash. I specializing in event photography, which in my opinion is a slight notch under wedding photography. Most events have between 50-200 people, and it’s important to capture details of the event. With that being said, I am thoroughly pleased with the life expectancy and performance of the Amazon Basics AA batteries. I purchased these batteries in November of 2014. I was not going to complete my review until I began noticing any degradation of the batteries performance. These batteries have continuously performed well in all conditions (indoor/outdoor). My indoor events average about 100-200 photos, and the outdoor may go as high as 400 images. The batteries almost always last throughout the sessions with no issues. After 2 years, I finally have a (1) battery with a bad cell, that will no longer charge. That’s an impressive life span considering the amount I paid for them.

  9. NLee the Engineer

    I have previously tested the  AmazonBasics AA Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries  (in white wrappers), and concluded that they are just rebranded  Sanyo eneloop AA Batteries . When I first heard about the new  AmazonBasics High-Capacity Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries , my immediate suspicion is that those are rebranded  Sanyo eneloop XX batteries . That’s why I purchased this product for testing, just to satisfy my own curiosity.I measured a set of those AmazonBasics ‘high-capacity’ AA batteries, using my  La Crosse BC1000 Battery Charger/Analyzer . Here are my findings:- Right out of the box, the average remaining charge was 1204mAh, or 48% of the rated 2500mAh capacity. Date code on them says ‘2014-02’, but just like other eneloop batteries, they were not fully charged when then left factory.- After just one recharge/discharge cycle, the average capacity jumped to 2547mAh.- After another two more recharge/discharge cycles, the average capacity settled at 2555mAh. The spread is very tight between 2510 and 2610mAh, which indicates good quality control.The above behavior is nearly identical to that of the Sanyo XX cell, which I have previously tested in 2011.Mechanically, the AmazonBasics high-capacity cells appear identical to the Sanyo XX. Refer to the photo I uploaded to the ‘Customer Images’ section, and you will see that they have exactly the same shape for positive terminals, same texture on their wrappers, even down to the same ‘vent hole’ design.I should note that the  Duracell ‘Ion Core’ AA Rechargeable Batteries  also have identical electrical and mechanical characteristic as the Sanyo XX and AmazonBasics High-Capacity batteries. The Duracell batteries are marketed as just 2400mAh, even though they were tested to be over 2500mAh in capacity. I believe this is done for price differentiation purpose.Bottom Line:As of this writing, you can get an 8-pack of Amazon High-Capacity AA batteries for less cost than a 4-pack of  eneloop XX  batteries. So obviously the AmazonBasics version is a great bargain. My advice is to grab them – before Amazon gets greedy and jacks up the price.One important note:The AmazonBasic High-Capacity AA (or Sanyo XX, or Duracell Ion Core) is fatter than a normal-capacity NiMH AA cell, which itself is fatter than a typical alkaline AA cell. So it may not fit if your appliance has extremely tight battery compartment.[Update on Dec 10, 2014]Long-term self-discharge data: Tested one pair of AmazonBasics AA high-capacity batteries after 5 months in storage. The average remaining charge is 2175mAh, or 85% of the original capacity. This is even better than my previous 5-month test result for Sanyo XX batteries which showed 2040mAh, or 78% of original capacity.

  10. Steve Anton

    It’s not often you could say batteries bring you joy , but these batteries leave my rechargeable solar lights for my walking area and backyard plants illuminated well into the night and they still are on at 3 o’clock in the morning. As old men do, I often get up at nite, go look in my backyard to take the time and find the joy in small things, such as a beautiful night in paradise, illuminated by these batteries and then write a review.

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