AIMS Power 8000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 48Vdc & 240Vac Input to 120 and 240Vac Split Phase

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Price: $3,564.00

POWERFUL: 8000W continuous, 24000W surge for 20 seconds, 48VDC, 66/33 amps, 120/240 VAC split phase, pure sine clean power, low frequency, auto transfer switch and 80A smart battery charger for 8 different battery technologies including Lead, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4.

PROTECTIONS: Overload, over temp, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, internally fused, low and high voltage alarm, cooling fan, and isolated ground neutral.

FEATURES: GFCI Outlet, AC direct connect terminal block, charge current control dial, dip switches to set priorities, auto gen start, conformal coated, power save mode and battery temp sensor. Only one set of cables needed. Optional remote available.

APPLICATIONS: Ideal for large applications going back and forth from shore/generator and inverter power automatically. Homes, boats, RVs, solar, mobile business & work trucks. 48 Volt more efficient and can use smaller cables. Off grid & back-up power.

TRUST AIMS: Buy with confidence. In business for over 20 year. All tech and warranty support in Nevada. 2 Year Warranty

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AIMS Power 8000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 48Vdc & 240Vac Input to 120 and 240Vac Split Phase Output 24kw Surge 50 or 60Hz Listed to UL & CSA

AIMS Power 8000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 48Vdc & 240Vac Input

Built with a 48 volt DC input, this inverter performs with very little power loss. Users receive a notable increase in efficiency in large systems when compared to using inverters that accept 12 or 24 volts. This can be an attractive feature for sustainability lovers looking to live as efficiently as possible and backed by an ETL certification to UL 1741 standards and two year warranty and tech support.

The most common use for this 8000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter is emergency backup power or off-grid systems. For residences, businesses and remote power needs. You’ll always be prepared for the next power outage. With access to 8,000 watts of continuous power and 24,000 watts of surge (for up to 20 seconds). AIMS has added a “pump” output for inductive loads providing a smoother start up for motors and pumps.

The auto-generator start port is also a great feature for emergency backup power, as it will automatically kick on your generator when it senses your battery bank getting low. One of the most sought-after features this inverter has is the direct-connect terminal block. Which allows users to surpass the 8,000 watt capacity and harness its 300% surge power for 20 seconds. Have a hunting cabin or off-grid vacation home?

This AIMS 8000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter is perfect for supplying reliable electricity to the entire house. This inverter is also built to withstand reasonable heat and temperature fluctuations. It has over-temperature protection and dual thermally-controlled fans. And it’s protected from humidity or airborne dust and dirt by virtue of its marine-coated (or “conformal-coated”) boards.

This inverter provides the reliability needed in any business or residential emergency backup power applications. The inverter is split-phase and will output 110/120 Vac or 220/230/240 Vac, and it can output 50 or 60Hz via the SW4 dipswitch on the DC side of the product. This means that this inverter works internationally and is operable with nearly any electrical system on the planet.

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‎AIMS Power



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‎185 pounds

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‎23.3 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches

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‎8000 watts



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April 24, 2014

10 reviews for AIMS Power 8000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 48Vdc & 240Vac Input to 120 and 240Vac Split Phase

  1. Abier Perez


  2. AB

    the only issue i had was factory packaging has no handles and one side is significantly heavier – so it gets dropped – and could get was good – inverter makes good clean power

  3. Michael J. Stuart

    This inverter is exactly what I needed for my partial, off-grid system. The idle continuous draw is only 26.5 watts, and paired with a 48V system consisting of 8 golf cart batteries, as well as 1300 watts of solar input power, this system provides uninterruptible power to most of the lights, computer, wi-fi, garage door openers, and even my 23 cubic foot refrigerator. When I perform a monthly equalization, it switches between grid power and battery power without even being noticed by the system loads. I was considering the 48V 240W inverter, but I ended up getting a 240V transformer for the rare occasion I need to run a 240V load. The reason for this is that the 240W version draws a continuous 28 watts. As small a difference as this is, why would I waste a full kWhr per month needlessly? This device is very heavy, so mount with care!

  4. Charles D. Harrell

    Since installing February 8, 2016 it worked perfectly until 3 days ago. It has stopped charging and is staying in shore power mode during early morning hours. The only way to get it to cycle properly is to cut shore power off briefly and then back on. It will begin charging when the battery gets low again but then repeat itself during the night again by not charging or inverting. Waiting on Tech Support’s reply.It seems to be a quality inverter with fast switching time. It runs fridge, microwave, two coffee pots, TV, and all lights all at the same time.Update: Tech Support very quick. My ac power may be a little out of spec causing charger not to function correctly. I changed dip switch setting and will see how unit works.Update 03-01-2016: DIP switch setting made no difference.Update 03-04-2016: No response from Tech Support as of 03-18-2016Update 04-20-2016: Still no response from Tech. I figured out charging problem. Battery temp sensor was preventing charging due to my not checking battery levels often enough. The battery closest to inverter, which has the temp sensor on it, was extremely low causing battery to heat up. I have eight 12v batteries and they need topped off every two weeks. The inverter occasionally will not switch back to invert mode. I can kill the ac input and it will immediately go to invert and may go for days without acting up again. I still like it as I originally wasn’t looking for one with transfer switch anyway.Update 07-14-2016: Gave up on hearing from tech support concerning problems back in March 2016. Lightning struck today and unit no longer works. Notified Tech Support on this new problem. Will wait and see. Wanted to have a standby unit for backup and still thinking about this same model but I might wait on reply before ordering a second one.Update 07-14-2016: Tech Support said warranty will cover repairs but I would have to pay for shipping it back. I also purchased the same unit as a replacement/backup.Update 07-19-2016: Replacement received but was damaged. Fan was completely broken loose with parts sliding around inside. Ordered another unit and it came in with same damage on fan. UPS driver said these type of shipments should be done by a freight service. Waiting on third unit to come in.Update 08-06-2016: Received repaired unit from AIMS and it works great. This unit was shipped with FedEx and the condition of the box was terrible. The driver said it had many stops and handling on the way. The box was not packed inside an outer box as Amazon does but at least it works.Update 05-16-2017: Still working fine. Used almost every day depending on weather.

  5. GhostHawk

    My 30 year old Trace SW 4048 inverters (2) were doing the job but I was limited to 40 Amps output at my off-grid ranch in Colorado. After doing some shopping I found this Aims 12KW inverter that would provide 100 Amps of output… badly needed for my air compressor and welder.I ordered it and was surprised to have it delivered by FedEx Freight within 5 days! Wow! Great Service!!I spent a day replacing and rewiring for the new inverter and 10 minutes after downing my power, I was bringing it back up with the new unit and MAN is it quiet!! When it’s idling there is only the slightest hum…. compared to my Trace units that sounded like a jet engine every time the fans would come on…. what a difference!Been running the unit for a couple of days now and am impressed. I had one minor issue with the install and had to contact AIMS tech support. I spoke with two different techs in two days and they got my questions answered… real techs on a real phone that speak English. Yay!Finally a couple of comments on the package. The unit arrives on a mini pallet and weighs a bit over 100lbs. The user manual is 28 pages of fairly well translated Chinese. The unit is made in China. There are some instructions in the manual that aren’t that well translated and are pretty confusing when you are trying to determine how you should set it up. But, all in all it’s OK. There are NO real user inputs on the unit. There are 6 DIP switches that you will configure to your setup. There is a POT to adjust what kind of batteries you are using. There is another pot that allows you to adjust incoming AC power to prevent the unit from getting overloaded. Other than that the only user access you have is for the display, which gives good information, but allows for no user input like my old Trace units. This is designed as a pretty much, set it and forget it inverter.Now… will I get 30 years out of it?

  6. eb71

    This has been running our off-grid setup for months now! Let’s me charge the batteries with the generator when there is no sun and has a seemless switchover. Highly recommend!!

  7. Stephen T. Portell

    This inverter capped off an off-grid solar solution for my shop. It handles up to 4kw without breaking a sweat. It is over-built to deal with surges from inductive loads, like my air compressor. It runs my A/C, my computer servers and power tools with no problems.

  8. S Jackson

    This unit has been running my entire tiny home, of 340 Sq Feet, and my 10-8 office next door, WITHOUT ISSUE!This unit can run:4 Computers4 Screens (x1 @ 42″ rest 19-24″)1 Fridge (Double Door Consumer Grade)4 box Fans (1 Amp Ea)1 Window AC Unit (Small 4 Amp 450 Watt 5200 BTU Unit)X2 Battery Chargers (Ryobi Tool Battery Charger @ 18v, and a 12v 6 AMP Charger)Vacuum (Light Use, WHILE the rest is also on!)10 LED Light Fixtures4-6 Phone Chargersand MORE!This unit is VERY Impressive!I have it running off a power cell of 48v Lithium, using Nissan Leaf packs, reconfigured for solar.UTTERLY AMAZING!I am 100% Offgrid, and have cranked 560kwh through this device so far with ZERO issues!Additionally, the Switch over to Generator when it is needed (Rarely), is INSTANT. No computers reboot, and all items fail to even notice anything has changed.Great Power, GREAT Value, and Excellent Performance!As long as I get even 1-2 years at this level of performance, I would buy this unit again and again.WORTH IT!EDIT: 9-14-2020After 2 YEARS of constant operation in a weatherproof Traffic Cabinet, at an average temp of 95-100 degrees in the cabinet, this units transfer switch finally gave out on me. It easily endured THOUSANDS OF HOURS of 45 amp charging before it no longer wanted to latch the auto transfer switch… And EVEN WITH THAT failing, the unit continues to function.So, I decided to call Aims today and see if I could get a replacement top control board for the unit. (It holds the worn out transfer switch relays and CPU controller)Easiest After Sale Tech Experience EVER!I had a part on the way within 10 minutes.Helpful support staff verified the issue and my settings first, sent me to sales and informed them in advance of exactly what I needed.INCREDIBLE SUPPORT!You want a quality inverter with US Support that is clearly understood, easy to work with, and super “on the ball”… Go with AIMS!I’ll never buy another inverter brand. I’m 100% sold on Aims product and support!

  9. Herb128

    Bought this to replace old Aims unit with failed charger, which had broken current control and which blew the AC input wiring inside the unit and the AC terminal strip. This new unit has breakers on the AC input, which should solve problems with AC power faults. My experience with Aims Tech Support was awful — could not get a replacement for current control potentiometer without buying a whole PC board of stuff which would not be available for several months. So I had to purchase the new version as a replacement, and it is working fine. Also, the new unit adds battery temperature sensor input..The remote control panel has poor read-out that can only be read under limited lighting conditions. Also, it should have audio annunciator for low-battery (the main unit does have this feature).

  10. Leng Vang

    I got two. They work as expected. Both hooked up as 48V system.

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