ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank – 25000mAh Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Solar Panels and Dual 2.1A Outputs

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HUGE CAPACITY: This solar charger provides 25000mAh large battery power for usage during outdoor activities. It can charge an iPhone 11 around 7 times, a Samsung S20 around 5 times on a full recharge.

BIGGER SOLAR PANELS: 4 premium solar panels can produce max 5W power in sunlight to recharge the power bank itself with solar power. The charging speed can be 3-4 times faster than that of a single panel.

FAST CHARGING: This solar battery charger with intelligent tech will auto-pair the premium charging rate for your devices, greatly shorten your charging time. Dual 2.1A USB outputs can charge 2 devices at once, compatible with almost of all phones and tablets.

OUTDOOR ESSENTIAL: The solar power bank equipped with a LED light is a reliable choice to light up in dark while camping, travelling. It’s made of durable material, protects itself from rain, dirt, and drops.

SUPERIOR SAFETY: Our portable solar power charger is designed with multiple protection systems to protect itself and your phone from overcharging, overvoltage, overcurrent etc., so you can charge your device with the reliable backup battery whenever and wherever you need.

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ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank – 25000mAh Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Solar Panels and Dual 2.1A Outputs Outdoor External Battery Pack for iPhone Samsung Tablets Android

solar chargerADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank - 25000mAh Portable Solar ChargerADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank – 25000mAh Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Solar Panels

ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank - 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger


Our solar charger’s advantages

1. Its solar power is 6W and the input current is 1A. The conversion rate via solar charging can reach 88% of the charging speed of 1A plug, which can be a outdoor necessity.

2. The solar charger is portable, so that you can carry it every where you want .

3. The capacity of our solar charger is 92.5wh, you can safely take it on the plane.

4.PLS note that this solar charger can charge most 5V devices with USB port like smart phone, camera and so on, but it can’t charge your laptop computer.

Product Specification

Battery capacity: 25000mAh / 92.5Wh

Battery: Li-polymer battery

Input (Max): 5V 1.8A

Output (Max): 5V 2.1 A

Folded Dimension: 6.1*3.35*1.37 inch

Totally weight(with solar panels): 538g/1.18 Ib

Additional information


Product Dimensions

6.1 x 3.35 x 1.37 inches

Item Weight

1.2 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Other display features




Included Components

1* Solar charger, 1* Micro-USB cable, 1* User manual


Dongguan Jili Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 19, 2018

10 reviews for ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank – 25000mAh Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Solar Panels and Dual 2.1A Outputs

  1. Guram Mazmishvili

    I love to go camping. I always had a problem to charge my smartphone or camera. It was challenging for me because every solar charger I had before needed more than three days for full charge. This solar charger is best I ever found because it needs two days for full charge. Also flashlight is very useful.

  2. J.C.Shopper

    This battery is hefty, but is very easy to grip by its textured coating. I liked the folding solar panels which are kept in place by a single snap,It took me awhile to figure out that there is a fifth tiny light hole which is lined up with the other 4 dots that glow blue when the unit is charged. The fifth dot glows green( hard to see)when the battery is being charged by the sun of which takes hours to charge to 50-75%. The instructions are specific to say to not rely upon the solar panels as the main charging source. I did use it in an emergency when a neighbor’s hackberry tree limb fell upon our utility lines after midnight. I relied on this power bank to make all the necessary calls, searching the internet to gather the people and resources needed to cut the limb, repair all the lines and to fix our fence. I carried this battery around plugged into my cell phone–we had no power and did what we had to do by candle light, flashlight and by some of our solar lamps . This is not a lightweight bank of which I was glad because I was able to charge a Kindle HD 10.11 to it at the same time I had my phone plugged in..

  3. vash_tb

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I use a lot of electronics out on the trail. As an aspiring outdoors youtuber, and just a video junkie overall, I love shooting video out in nature. This requires a lot of power and a lot of devices to be kept charged.My old everyday battery pack would work out for multi-day backpacking trips, but I would always be worried what if I completely ran out of juice while out on the trail? Therefor I needed a new battery pack that had to meet 3 criteria:1. Recharge via solar. More panels the better. Self-contained preferred.2. Have a large capacity for multiple devices over multiple days3. Be rouged enough to use out in the elements.After much searching on Amazon I ultimately pulled the trigger on this battery pack.This battery pack has 4 solar panels which all can independently charge the unit. In my tests it takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to recharge it completely from empty. That’s not bad at all given that it’s almost impossible to have the perfect charging situation. Some options out there are to have a separate panel assembly to charge your battery pack, but I don’t want to have yet another thing to lose. This all in one design worked out for me.The Capacity is plenty for me to go through with all of my filming gear, and topping it off every day during the daytime left me with no anxiety over running out of juice!Lastly, this thing has survived drops and liquid spills. I’m one happy camper when it comes to it surviving the outdoors.I hope this review and the video helps you choose a solar powered battery pack. I enjoy doing these review because it’s more practice for my filming, editing, and writing skills, and a way to pay it forward for all the other reviews on Amazon from the community that have helped me make other purchases.Thanks!

  4. D18P

    Purchased this in preparation for next camping trip, tested charger to make sure charger would charge my electronics. Straight out of the box charger showed 3/4 charged (3 of 4 lights lit). I plugged 2 cellphone in one 65% and the other 52% after about 3 hrs both phones almost fully charged (99% and 92%) and charger showing 2 of 4 lights lit. Charged battery charger via solar panels for an hr as test, indicator showed charger at 3 of 4 lights lit. I will update after camping trip. One problem I found was with a 7 ft cord, my phone would not charge but did work perfectly with my 5ft, 3ft, and 1ft cords.

  5. Sahadat

    I got this because I go camping with my friends and this is a very good product to have. We have rechargeable lights and phones to charge and the area does not have any electricity. The power bank is light weight and charges 2 items at once. It charges a decent amount of devices and leaving it out allay in the sun charges up the unit.

  6. Carrisa Ammons

    I cannot wait to to take this thing camping! I tested it out at home to make sure it would work for what I need and I have to say I’m impressed! I used the battery fully up, which wasn’t easy, and then I placed it in the window for 24 hours to see if it would charge. I was shocked! I’ve had other solar charges and it usually takes then several days of direct sunlight to fully charge. I assume this one charges so fast because it has multiple panels. It may look a little silly but it sure is practical.

  7. Patrick F. Graham

    **** PLEASE READ before you understand why the high ratting. ****I guess this is emblematic of the Amazon (and the like) world we live in.I picked this product for the reviews, product description etc. but when I received it, found out that is specifically does NOT charge high-input cell phones – mine is a Samsung Galaxy Note8.Actually looses power when connected.Contacted the seller and received quick responses.After trying all the things the seller suggested, they informed me they wanted to refund the money and to keep the device.I’m sure some will read this and think I came out ahead – truth is, I hate this.I understand the economies of mailing a little battery back to China – I get it. Still, this feels a lot like complicit theft.So, I give the seller 5 Stars and I have NO reason not to give the product the same but it doesn’t work for me.Refund received, old product in hand, already ordered another one for my cell phone specifically.One last thought; at some point, this model will not hold.Anyway, I’m happily whole but not in love with how all this ultimately works.

  8. Justin

    Amazing power bank with a tad over 16k mAh actual capacity. After draining it and charging it with nothing more than the solar panels, I was able to get enough charge for my phone to get 50% on about 4 hours of sun. That plus the built in flashlight make it great for emergencies such as hurricanes, general power outage, ect. Using the panels you can easily extend the usage further than the capacity if you put it in sun right after charging your phone.

  9. Scott Pederson

    Texas power outages: 3F outside. 47F inside. No power. No Internet.I used this to recharge 2 phones and an Apple Watch (watches my heart) – one night 3 devices recharged and still had 3/4 capacity.This pack helped us stay in-contact with friends and family. We used the HECK out of our phones, and wall chargers were obviously no use. With this pack, multiple days of power kept us in-contact.Update:We just took a vacation to the East Coast US. While I had a chance to recharge devices from AC, I chose to field-test this phone for the entire trip (5 days). This battery pack kept 2 cell-phones and an Apple watch charging daily for the entire time. I did not utilize the solar panels, but left it in my room to recharge at night. The capacity is fantastic! I ran it completely dry (it finally ran out in the airport on the way home), and it took a full 24-hours to recharge from the wall when I got back.

  10. Mike

    I order two of these. One for myself and another as a stocking stuffer. I have a Note9 phone and today in Sonora, Ca was overcast and eventually rained. Today was the first day of use. I began using the charger with 2 full bars and one flashing on the power bank in the dash of my work truck. The battery on my phone was 70% when I plugged the charger in with all solar panels exposed. To my surprise not only did it charge my Note9 to 100% in about 20 mins it kept it 100%. It did not feed off my phone as I read in a previous review and mine also came with the micro USB cable to hard charge the unit as another said theirs did not come with a USB cable. It did take about 6 hours to fully charge the unit while still plugged into my phone but that was impressive to me considering the overcast and keeping my phone at 100% the entire time. I am already buying more to keep in our travel trailer, our cottage and for each vehicle. It does as advertised and blew my expectations away.

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