ACOPOWER 100w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module with Connector (Panel Only, Compact Design)

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Monocrystalline modules provide for the highest efficiency rate. This 100w mono solar panel provides up to 100w power.

Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet minimizations enhances cell performance and provides a longer service life. Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame allows extended outdoor use. Glass is anti-reflective, highly transparent, and low iron-tempered. No hot-spot heating .

Each solar panel is easy to install via a pre-drilled hole and comes with a 12AWG cable with PV male/female quick connectors.

Durable lightweight anodized aluminum frame and reinforced safety and anti-reflection coated glass. Includes waterproof IP-65 rated Junction box.

US based company with local support and 5 years equipment and 20 years performance warranty.

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ACOPOWER 100w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module with Connector (Panel Only, Compact Design)

solar generator

ACOPOWER 100w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module with Connector

100w solar panel kit
100w solar panel portable
100w solar panel RV

RV solar panel

house solar panel kits

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Product Dimensions

40.2 x 20.1 x 1.4 inches

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12.79 pounds





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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for ACOPOWER 100w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module with Connector (Panel Only, Compact Design)

  1. E. Austin

    I bought two of these panels because they are aesthetically pleasing and do not draw attention to themselves as solar panels. I am installing them on the front side of my house so I didn’t want something that distracted the eye from the normal look of the house. The satin/semi-gloss finish of the panel merged in well with the black porch so I was well pleased there.As for the performance, they are spot on. Using them in the dead heat of the summer, they become about 15% less efficient baking in the 98 degree heat as compared to their non-black counterparts of similar panels. This is to be expected as all solar panels suffer from being less efficient the hotter they are.I’ve not seen any deficiencies in workmanship or quality of the build; they stood up to their first pounding of rain as well.Usually the summer is the tougher months for a solar panel and so far I have no complaints. I don’t forsee any trouble in the winter, however if anything does arise I’ll update the review.

  2. tanukichan

    I needed a solar panel to recharge my solar generator during power outages and when we go camping. This panel fits the bill perfectly. The shipping packaging was excellent and I decided to keep the shipping container just to store the panel when I’m not using it to keep the panel safe.For the price, it is an excellent value!

  3. Edison

    I moved one of my 150W Renogy made panel to a different solar panel array, and replaced with this 100W panel in place. This 100W panel generated more power than if not equal to that 150W Renogy panel. I am very delighted by its performance.

  4. Dustin

    Solar panel easy to setup and works as advertised

  5. AlexAlex

    Great solar panel. I have this mounted flat on my roof rack and I have seen as high as 94w from the panel within the two days I’ve used it so far. On average driving around during the day I see a consistent 70w~. 35-50w~ in overcast and 60-85w in good sunlight. (All of the above numbers were while driving around) I’m using it to charge an EcoFlow River Pro 600 and it has no problems keeping it topped off while my portable fridge is running. Very satisfied with the power it pulls and the unit is all black which is hard to find on solar panels. Would recommend.

  6. adam shaw

    Meters well and solid. Will see how they do when installed. Like the black anodized color.Update: Soooo, while they are working fine, I have now reservations about the company. Did their product registration and they said they would send a “thank you” gift of a lower amp charge controller. I figured “cool” it could be used for extra suitecase panel to move around at camp along with the 3 roof mounts. Well……. that was 4 months ago……. what was cool is now bitter. Wonder how that applies to other company interactions……

  7. DJ Thomas

    First panel arrived quickly and roughed up a bit during shipping. It appeared that the panel might have fallen out of the box and been jostled; it showed up with the junction box on the back of the panel totally ripped off and unglued.I contacted ACOPOWER and they promptly sent out a replacement and asked me to throw away the original, broken panel. Even though the shipping times for new orders was about 2 months lead time, they were able to find a panel and send it to me within a week. New panel showed up in perfect condition.I quickly tried the panel with my solar generator, and I was pulling in about 85W on a sunny day in DC. This will be great to add to my overlanding trailer for some permanent power.

  8. MS G

    I purchased one of the 100W all black solar panels, very nice! It works just fine even on cloudy days produces the same amount of energy as on sunny days. I installed for a courtyard solar light 60W! Used a 20amp MPPT phocos solar charge controller with a 12 volt 120ah gel battery, solar panel maximum charge current: 5.2 amp beyond my imagination! talking about these panels, great value, very nice construction, gives the rated power output. It is important that they have a technical engineer for the design of the solar system are very experienced and gave me a lot of design proposals, great, would buy again for my 24 volt solar pump, watering lawns.

  9. WDOC

    Unit appears to be well constructed and panel surface is finished well.Quick output test with cheap charge controller and 12V 50AH SLA battery that’s 70% discharged, calculates to 69W with panel surface temp of 53 degrees C.I’d expect output more in line with the panel’s specs when using a better charge controller.At this price point, these panels seem to be a good value.

  10. BPBP

    First off, love the immediate support you get with customer service and technical support. Previously ordered the 60watt Solar Suitcase panels which have been working flawlessly and easy to setup and take down for travelling on the road. I have the need to upgrade to more wattage so I stuck with ACOPOWER products and added a 100watt Mono Solar Panel to the roof along with an aftermarket tilt bracket. Lynn at ACOPOWER sent an adapter to allow both panel assemblies to be hooked up in parallel..I have no doubt that they should work on my next camping trip. They put out till the sun goes down in the shade.Highly recommend going with ACOPOWER panels along with the support you will get after the purchase.

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