800W Windmill Turbines Generator Kit Small 6 Blade Wind Industrial Machinery Equipment for Marine Home Charging

Price: $338.55

【WIDE APPLICATION】: This product is widely used for charging boats, terraces, cabins or mobile homes, etc.

【ADJUSTING VOLTAGE AND CURRENT】: The product can effectively adjust current and voltage and improve wind energy utilization.

【MATERIALS】: The product is made of high-quality materials, resistant to high temperatures, and guarantees the speed of power generation.

【STABLE OPERATION】: The durable parts of this product adopt a three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator, which has stable operation, low noise and long service life.

【EASY TO INSTALL】: The product is well made and the wind turbine is easy to install, maintain and repair.

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Brand: Hilitand


800W Windmill Turbines Generator Kit Small 6 Blade Wind Industrial Machinery Equipment for Marine Home Charging (White 12V) Patio

Wind Turbine Generator800W Windmill Turbines Generator Kit Small 6 Blade Wind Industrial Machinery Equipment for Marine Home Charging

800W Windmill Turbines Generator Kit

800W Windmill Turbines Generator Kit


Wind Turbines Set
Package List:

1 x Motor

6 x Blade

1 x Controller

1 x Blade Cover

1 x Gasket

1 Bag Fastening Kit


Item Type: Windmill Turbines Generator

Rated Power: 800W Starting Wind Speed: 2.0m / s Rated Wind Speed: 12m / s Survival Wind Speed: 50m / s Number of Blades: 6Pcs Blade Length: Approx. 550mm / 21.7in Blade Material: Nylon fiber Generator: 3-Phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator Controller System: Electromagnetic/yaw Adjustment Method: Automatic adjustment of wind direction angle

Working Temperature: -40℃-80℃

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Wind AC Generator


Running smoothly:

The starting wind speed is low, the volume is small, the appearance is beautiful, and the running vibration is low.

The generator adopts a permanent magnet rotor alternator with patented technology and a special stator design, which effectively reduces the resistance torque of the generator. At the same time, the wind wheel and the generator have better matching characteristics, and the reliability of operation is improved.

6 Blade Wind Generator


High power generation conversion rate:

High temperature resistant Teflon wire: When the generator is overloaded and heats up, the wire is not easy to burn out, the torque is low when starting, and the power generation conversion rate is high.

The motor coil is thickened, the main shaft is lengthened, and the drill magnet is thickened to form a good motor, which greatly improves the power generation efficiency of the wind turbine.

The machine is made of high-quality materials with strong stability. The working temperature is -40°C to 80°C. There is no need to worry about freezing or deformation of the leaves due to excessively high or low temperatures.

800W Wind Generator


High wind energy utilization factor:

The rotor of the fan is an upgraded bearing, which makes the fan run more smoothly, avoids jitter, and greatly improves the power generation efficiency of the fan.

The 6-blade windmill generator adopts humanized design, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and repair.

The 6 precision blades are made of nylon fiber, coupled with optimized aerodynamic shape design and mechanism design, with a high wind energy utilization factor, which increases the annual power generation.

Wind turbines have a wide range of uses, and are often used in household power supply, road administration facilities, tourist landscapes, forests, deserts and other areas lacking electricity.

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Low Wind Speed Starting Wind Turbines with Charge Controller

Assembly requirements:

1. After unpacking the wind turbine, it is recommended to short-circuit the three leads of the wind turbine (the exposed parts of the wires are screwed together).

2. Connect the cable of the wind turbine to the controller, and the battery must be connected to the controller before wiring.

3. Before installing the wind turbine, the lightning protection and grounding equipment must be arranged. The lightning protection equipment can be arranged in accordance with national standards, or the lightning protection grounding equipment can be arranged according to the local environment and soil conditions.

4. Please do not install wind generators in rainy weather or weather with winds of level 3 or higher.

Industrial Machinery Equipment

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Additional information




Part Number


Item Weight

‎20.7 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches


‎White 12V





Power Source



‎12 Volts


‎800 watts

Installation Method


Item Package Quantity


Spout Height

‎1 Centimeters

Handle Material


Accessory Connection Type


Included Components


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

December 10, 2020


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