118 Inch Window Draft Stopper Foam Seal Strip Self Adhesive, Window Insulation Tape and Door Side Weather Stripping Soundproof

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【Strong Adhesive】The T shape draft stopper(Length 3m/118inch,Width 30mm) is made of nylon(PE) and PU foam, eco-friendly, waterproof and no odor. Grid Backing sticky adhesive has a load bearing of 5 lb, making a tight seal to keep out noise, cold air and keeps room cozy and quiet. Good resilience, anti-collision, high durability and longer service life.

【Flexible,Soft and Cuttable】The window and door draft stopper is flexible to bend, and will return to its original shape, won’t deform. So soft that it won’t damage your floor or carpet.

【Wide Application】This weather stripping sealing strip can be widely used in various types of doors or windows like frameless sliding doors, glass doors, sliding doors, wood doors, cupboards, wardrobes, furniture and shower room, etc.

【Easy to Install】The window seal strip is easy to customize and cut to size with scissors or blade, and bend easily into any shape. Peel and stick it to anywhere you need it to fill a gap.

【Notice】Clean and dry the surface before installing it. Heat the adhesive with a hair dryer for a better performance. Any problems with the door weather strip, please contact us for free. We will always stand by you and make everything to see your happy face!

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118 Inch Window Draft Stopper Foam Seal Strip Self Adhesive, Window Insulation Tape and Door Side Weather Stripping Soundproof, Door Bottom Sweep Noise Gap Blocker (T Shape, Grey)

118 Inch Window Draft Stopper

118 Inch Window Draft Stopper Foam Seal Strip Self Adhesive

Made of compressible high-density material, it can be installed in doors, windows, cabinets, etc. It has the function of weatherproof, heat preservation, dustproof, noise prevention and cushioning, which is a high-quality product necessary for home.


Keep Dust Out

The window always has dust on its surface. It’s time to free yourself from continuous dust cleaning. Adhesive window and door frame seal is designed to form a barrier to keep things unwanted outside. Save your labor and time.

window draft

Draft Stopper

Cold in winter, hot in summer, costly but hardly effective air conditioning, serious air leakage through windows and doors, inability to maintain room temperature. This window and door seal strip will make a tight seal and help you save a lot of electricity bills.

water leak

Water Seal

On rainy or snowy days, water accumulates in the window gaps, accelerating the deterioration and rusting of the windows and even causing dampness in the floor. This sealing strip protects your wall and floor from humid.


Sound Insulation

When you are resting or studying indoors, the sound of wind, car horns and children playing outside can seriously disrupt your peace of mind. PU foam door frame seal strip rescues you from continuing noise which drives you nuts. Leave you a quiet & private space.

Foam weather seal strip for doors and windows are available for gaps from 0-20mm

118 Inch Window Draft Stopper

118 Inch Window Draft Stopper

strong adhesive

Strong Adhesive Grid Backing

High adhesive grid backing has a bear of 5 LB and it can firmly stick to window frames and leave no residue.


This T- shape weather stripping is made of high resilient foam and high-quality polyethylene cover which can stand numerous slams without distortion and have a longer service life.


Waterproof Cover

High quality PE cover provides a good water block. You will no longer worry about the drip water and wet floor after installation. Keep your house dry and clean.



Measure the length where you want to install.



Cut to your size with scissors.



Peel off the backing adhesive paper.



Stick the strip to seal the gap.

Additional information



Item Weight

‎3.98 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.72 x 4.72 x 1.57 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎118 Inch




‎Polyurethane foam

Included Components

‎Plastic Bag

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

November 15, 2020


10 reviews for 118 Inch Window Draft Stopper Foam Seal Strip Self Adhesive, Window Insulation Tape and Door Side Weather Stripping Soundproof

  1. Henry

    Was nice, very helpful

  2. Letty

    Application was super easy. No more cold air coming from outside (after cat scratch original door seal). I’m very satisfied with purchase. I bought two extra ones that I’m planning to install on my windows because it also blocks noise from outside very well.

  3. b

    I have an office in a building built in the late 1800s and the windows are always rattling in winter, with the breeze, and the heating bills were outrageous. I tried rolling up towels and blankets along the base and in the middle of the windows, but nothing worked, and the towels looked awful! Finally, I decided to try this product. My only regret is that I didn’t order this years ago! It’s wonderful. My heating bills have cut in half now and the windows look elegant and clean and this product worked great at the base/sill of the window as well as in the middle where the locks are. I am a 70 year old woman, and I had no trouble installing this on my own. Super easy. Just measure, cut, zip off the strip and press. I have white trim on my windows but this doesn’t come in white, so I ordered the gray, and it looks great. It’s really not even noticeable. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Great product

  4. Elaine H.

    A quick solution to a door which doesn’t quite keep wind or moisture outside! Once installed, the problems seemed to disappear! Instructions could be a little more explicit to prevent waste or mistakes.

  5. Michael A

    Used this weather stripping to close a gap in a sliding window that had wires going through the gap at the bottom of the window. The product seems to be working well, filling in the gap, and seemingly providing a good barrier to outside air that had been coming through. After one week, very happy with this product.

  6. John Hammond

    Minimize cold air from intrusion

  7. KohosKohos

    Although these are meant for winter time draft blocking, I needed something to use as a corner padding on a cabinet shelf that my finger liked getting scratched on constantly. Great for that reason. Easy to use, easy to cut. Some reviews mentioned the adhesive not being good, just remember double stick tape is easy to get a hold of so you have the option to re-use or repurpose these . Packaging came in paper packaging so I am glad they didn’t waste more plastic. Fast shipping.

  8. Emily S. Lang

    I’ve lived in a lot of places over the last decade (4 states, multiple homes and apartments) and my biggest issue with most complexes is the lack of noise barriers. I don’t want to be able to hear it when my neighbor is talking quietly in their own home! The place I just moved into was a dream because immediately I noticed the lack of sound from other apartments surrounding me. That was, until the first night in my room.The sliding glass window, conveniently hiding behind the blinds that had been shut when I viewed the place, had a large gap at the bottom, making it nearly impossible to hear every tiny little noise outside from cars to animals to my neighbor deciding to go out on her deck at 2am (wtf!?). I got online and immediately started looking for solutions to not only the noise, but also the draft that was now careening down the back of my neck from the wind blowing through the gap.Lots of options came up, but none really seemed like they would be workable for my type of window. Then I saw these. Would it actually stick? We’re they really as soundproof as everyone claimed? Well, I just finished cutting and placing the strips and I can already tell you that the sound of the dog barking below me has been muted ten times over, and I no longer feel a draft on my neck! I am thrilled with this product, and it was so incredibly easy to apply too! I got two boxes just to be safe but only used a portion of one, so I will keep the other just in case I find anymore drafts. This is well worth the cost and effort it took to fix something that would have driven me bonkers!!

  9. MWhittakerMWhittaker

    Excellent product. I tried so many other draft block or weather stripping options and I couldn’t stop my front door from whistling (we live on a hill and get so much wind). This stuff worked beautifully! I have it in 3 spots and it’s been installed for several weeks now without so much as a peep of whistling (and it’s been very windy!). I couldn’t be happier with this product. It is VERY sticky so be careful when applying, it may remove paint. I have it in 3 places (see photos). Across the bottom inside of the door, across the threshold, and up the side of the door.

  10. Jorge

    I wish i understood how to use it before i used it at first, but definitely look at the images of the product, and make sure you measure how much of the tape you need before cutting. other than than, i was very surprised with how much noise was reduced!

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