A Different Kind Of Solar Panels Technology Is To Go Big

As the solar maker First Solar is rolling out panels, scientists from both the company and its national renewable energy lab are continuing to test and refine the technology, called Cadmium Telluride. Historically, silicon panels have had higher efficiencies than cadmium telluride technologies, although the gap is closing. Today, silicon panels manufactured in industry canRead More

How Renewable Energy Saves Money

So why should you use renewable energy in your home? Because Renewable Energy Saves Money! Renewable energy sources like solar and wind cost less on average than other energy sources, meaning you’ll save more in the long run by investing in solar panels or wind turbines instead of fossil fuels. Read on to learn aboutRead More

How Can Renewable Energy Benefit The Environment?

Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are not only great because they can help reduce your carbon footprint, but they also come with other benefits as well. By switching to renewable energy sources in all areas of your life, you’ll find that the environment benefits along with you. Here are some waysRead More

What Is Renewable Energy?

This question gets asked a lot these days and the answer is always a bit complicated. In the simplest terms possible, Renewable Energy is all about harnessing natural processes that have been in action since the beginning of time. Other than harnessing the power of the sun and wind, it also includes geothermal power, tidalRead More

What Is Alternative Energy?

Are you wondering what is alternative energy? Alternative energy is a blanket term used to describe renewable and sustainable sources of energy, such as wind power, solar power, water power, geothermal, bio fuels and hydrogen fuel cells. Alternative energy is typically derived from the sun. Alternative energy, also known as green energy, is the futureRead More

Alternative Energy Is The Future Of New Energy Sources

In the U.S., fossil fuels produce up to 80% of all energy that we consume. Our current level of dependence on fossil fuels puts us on track for a rapid depletion of these finite materials. Meaning, if we’re not careful, we will run out of our precious, non-renewable resources. That means no more oil, natural gas,Read More

Axium Infrastructure acquires Bluewave Solar – Poised for Innovative Community Solar Solutions

Axium Infrastructure, a Canadian infrastructure investment management firm announced its acquisition of BlueWave Solar, a leading Boston-based solar and energy storage developer and developer of community solar projects. The terms of the deal allow BlueWave to retain its name and its entire team, which will allow it to grow its portfolio of solar and storage […]

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California solar subsidies are passed through to consumers

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) recently released a report that looked into whether or not consumers were fully benefiting from the subsidies available to them in the California market. In other words, the researchers wanted to see if some of the subsidies were kept by the installation firms or others in the food chain, thereby […]

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