President Biden Kicks Energy and Climate Agenda Into Action


ShareHours after being sworn in, Joe Biden resubmits U.S. to Paris Agreement and lays the groundwork for a major climate-change mitigation push. U.S. President Joe Biden hit the ground running Wednesday, with plans to sign a raft of executive orders to start the process of reversing Trump administration environmental and energy regulations and set the groundworkRead More

Solar Options


We are a national leader in solar power.Learn more here.Our three participation options:Community Solar gives you financial benefits of solar ownership without having the panels on your rooftop.   Community Solar benefits for both Residential and Commercial customers. Solar PV Rebates help you buy and install panels for your home and receive valuable rebates.  Remember to…

Solar Panel Efficiency


You may hear the term “efficiency” thrown around a lot when reading up on solar panels. It sure sounds like a good thing, but what exactly is solar panel efficiency? How is it measured?We’ll go over some of the major factors contributing to the efficiency of solar panels, environmental factors that play a role, and…

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