The BEST DIY RAIN BARREL Install [Complete Guide]

The BEST DIY RAIN BARREL Install DIY rain barrel Install. Rain barrels are containers that are used to capture rainwater that falls from your homes rooftop.  Once captured and stored the rainwater can be used in place of municipal water.  Components typically include a screened inlet for debris and mosquitoes, a overflow, and a hoseRead More

7 Alternative Energy Sources That Will Change The Future

Alternative Energy Sources of The Future The High-Tech Alternative Energy Sources Revolution The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released in November did not paint a particularly rosy picture. The global scientific community’s loudest appeal yet for governments around the world to get serious about reducing greenhouse-gas emissions suggested that aRead More

SJVN CMD inaugurates river diversion of 66-MW Dhaulasidh Hydro Power

New Delhi: State-owned SJVN Ltd Chairman and Managing Director Nand Lal Sharma on Tuesday inaugurated the river diversion arrangement of 66-megawatt (MW) Dhaulasidh Hydro Electric Project at Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. “Nand Lal Sharma, chairman and managing director of SJVN, today (on Tuesday) inaugurated the river diversion arrangement of 66-MW Dhaulasidh Hydro Electric Project at Hamirpur,…

Success in visualizing the propagation path of electromagnetic waves (EM waves) from space to ground

It is known that various kinds of EM waves occur naturally in geospace and cause variations in the plasma environment that surrounds the Earth via a physical process known as wave-particle interaction. In particular, when geospace storms occur due to disturbances of sun and solar wind, EM waves become more active, and variations of geospace…

Hydroelectric Power: Energy Source Fact File!

Here’s the need-to-know stuff about the energy source, hydroelectric power! Description Hydroelectric power harnesses the energy in running water! Where can you find hydroelectric power? Hydroelectric dams can be found all over the world, where large amounts of water can be trapped behind a reservoir. How is it made into electricity? Most hydro schemes create…

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